SUPER LEAGUE SEASON 6 – BEST JERSEY COMPETITION is now accepting submissions!

It’s time to put your creative flair to the test, because SUPER LEAGUE SEASON 6 would be missing something special without the Best Jersey Competition! Do you believe you have what it takes to craft the most captivating design for this season? 

Submission Begins: 20 November 2023
Submission Deadline: 4 December 2023 

Step 1 – Post photos of your jersey design (Front and Back) on Facebook
Step 2 – Set Post to Public and state your Team Name
Step 3 – Tag @DartsliveMalaysia* and include hashtag #SLS6BestJersey 

? 1 design per entry limit
? Designs for Home Shop and Team jerseys are considered separate entries
? Each entry will be judged individually. 

40% Design & Conceptualization
30% Creativity & Uniqueness
20% Color Composition
10% Facebook Likes 

Winner team of the Best Jersey will win a way RM1000. 

We hope that all teams have as much fun coming up with their team and/or Home Shop jersey designs as we enjoy looking through them! Good luck and may the most creative teams win! 


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