Thank You for Joining BIG BULL CHALLENGE!!


BIG BULL CHALLENGE finished on Sunday Nov 11, 2018, During the campaign period, many of the master and beginner players have been granted Special Themes. 4 members who hit the IN BULL over specific times, they will get the limited edition DARTSLIVE CARD / DARTSLIVE Cushion.

Thank you all players for joining BIG BULL CHALLENGE!
Let’s review the result now!

Here are the lucky fellows who will get the limited edition DARTSLIVE CARD:

Here are the lucky fellows* who will get the limited edition DARTSLIVE Cushion:

Congratulations to the above winners! The prize redemption period is Dec 10 to Dec 23, 2018. All winners should redeem the prize at their HOME SHOP within the redemption period*.

After this campaign, your IN BULL hit rate should get improved a lot. Hope you can carry on and have fun in playing darts! Please look forward to DARTSLIVE’s next campaign soon!

*Winners have to redeem the prize within the redemption period; late redemption will not be accepted.

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