PLAY MORE GET MORE is on the way!

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A wonderful campaign will start on June 28!

Check the campaign details below:

■Campaign name

■Campaign period
Thurs 28 Jun to Sun Jul 29, 2018


During the campaign period, you receive accumulated score when you play COUNT UP games on DARTSLIVE2 in all venues.

By accumulating score in 4000 you will receive a very cute THEME↓↓

CPimageB_lite AU_NZ_Theme_v3.jpg

and 10,000, you will receive a limited edition DARTSLIVE THEME respectively↓↓


Also, if a player is among to top 4 accumulate scores, he/she will be rewarded a limited DARTSLIVE item.

Check your current accumulates scores on Card Page!!

・The campaign organizer reserves the right to remove or refuse any players who are found to be impediments to the campaign or campaign progress from participating in the campaign.

・DARTSLIVE Card is required to enter this campaign.If you do not use any DARTSLIVE Card for COUNT UP on DARTSLIVE2, you will not get any score of COUNT UP for this campaign.

・In partner game, the player will only get the score that the player hit

・If a match is not completed, the campaign score will NOT be counted / accumulated.

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