This weekend, SOFT DARTS WORLD CUP 2017 will be held in Hong Kong.

With their national pride at stake, the teams representing each country will compete in this tournament to be named as the team of the world’s top soft tip darts nation.
On the day of the tournament, all matches will be LIVE broadcast on the SOFT DARTS WORLD CUP Official Website and Facebook LIVE on THE WORLD Facebook page.

Saturday, December 2
10:45 am (Hong Kong Time)~ Round Robin: Facebook LIVE
4:00 pm (Hong Kong Time)~ Single Kock Out Round: Official Website and Facebook LIVE
Check the real time results update on the official website as well!

*The time is subject to change. Please note that the LIVE webcast might be canceled due to system failure or network error.

★★★ CHAMPION Prediction Campaign Final Result ★★★
Here is the final numbers of the campaign. The current favorite is USA!!

Ranking Country Percentage of Votes Gained
1st U.S.A 27.38%
2nd Japan 26.95%
3rd Singapore 11.44%
4th Hong Kong 9.00%
5th UK 8.88%
6th Philippines 5.36%
7th Chinese Taipei 3.62%
8th Malaysia 1.48%
9th France 1.45%
10th Canada 1.36%
11th Australia 1.16%
12th Korea 0.67%
13th China 0.66%
14th Macau 0.29%
15th Thailand 0.28%

Watch the LIVE webcast and cheer for the country you voted on December 2nd!

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