DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL PLAYER THEMES Available for Purchase from the Coin Store for a limited time only

The 2021 DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL PLAYERS wil be appearing in the DARTSLIVE coin store.
The design for the THEMES was based upon the image of each player participating in the tournament. Please look out for the serious expressions of each competitor. Each THEME is only available for a limited time (1 month).
We hope that all fans of the DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL PLAYERS do not miss out on this opportunity!


● Monday, July 12th – Sunday, August 8th.

Mikuru Suzuki

Adrian Gray

Paul Lim

● Monday, May 10th – Sunday, June 13th.

Haruki Muramatsu

Leonard Gates

Leslie Lee

Royden Lam

● Monday, June 14th – Sunday, July11th.

Keita Ono

Cathy Leung

Jose Justicia

Michael Valentin

Price:1,600 coins for each THEME.
You can purchase 2021 DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL PLAYER THEME in the DARTSLIVECoin Store.

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