Enjoy darts at home with our new “Darts for ALL (Test version)”!

During these tough times, we know many darters are unable to meet or play darts and have fun with your friends.

In our efforts to continue the darts life, we have developed “Darts for ALL (Test Version)”.
This new tool allows online matches between friends in separate locations using your own dartboard at home, with its dart score calculation function.

Darts for ALL

You can enjoy “701” and “STANDARD CRICKET” regardless of the type of dartboard you have as this is a web-based tool.
With its in-built voice feature, you can also talk with your friends while playing from the comfort of your home!

What’s “Darts for All”?
Darts for ALL is a tool that allows online matches between friends in separate locations with the dart score calculation function. Just share your match URL to play a game together.
Throw darts and enter the numbers of the area the darts hit to share the score.
With the voice feature, you can talk with your opponent playing in a separate location while playing as if you were both in the same shop.

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