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Let's Get Daily Bonus CREDIT For Extra Game Play!


Starting from 4th to 30th November, every DARTSLIVE PREMIUM MEMBER can get the daily Bouns CREDIT1. Make sure you're a DARTSLIVE PREMIUM MEMBER and enjoy the privilege offer!!Don't miss the chance of winning an extra game play!

How to earn Bonus CREDIT

1.​ Register for DARTSLIVE PREMIUM MEMBER2, insert your DARTSLIVE CARD into the card slot of DARTSLIVE2

2.​ Select GLOBAL MATCH3,bonus CREDIT (2 CREDITS) will be shown on the screen.   

3. ​Players can use these CREDITS to play any games4.

Bonus CREDIT will be given to a DARTSLIVE PREMIUM MEMBER's account every 12 hours.
Please be aware that bonus CREDIT will be available for one person per DARTSLIVE PREMIUM MEMBER account. If there are multiple DARTSLIVE CARDS registered under one DARTSLIVE account‚ the first DARTSLIVE CARD holder to get into GLOBAL MATCH will be given the bonus CREDIT.
Coin is not needed before getting into GLOBAL MATCH.
After getting the bonus CREDIT, these CREDITS stays in the machine. If players leave, others can use the CREDIT.

Still not a PREMIUM MEMBER? Click here to join.

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