MTK Campaign ~Mid-Campaign Announcement (3)~

MTK Campaign

Hows is your MOTEKI coming?
We certainly hope that everyone is having fun in our new MTK Campaign!

*MOTEKI: A time or period in your life where you become very popular from your opposite gender.

So below are top 10 MOTE-King and MOTE-Queen in your country!

TOP 10 MOTE-King
MTK Campaign

TOP 10 MOTE-Queen
MTK Campaign

Play a MEDLEY with opposing gender‚ and be the MOTE-King and MOTE-Queen!!

*Data from Jan 23 to Feb 16
*If player has more than one card under one account‚ card with most number of play will be reflected on your card page.
*Please set the HOME SHOP that will appear on SHOP SEARCH in your region.

*If the winner is a league player – the league home shop will win the event
*If winner is not a league player – the home shop that he or she sets in the card will win the event

>>For MTK Campaign details‚ click here

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