Launch of MOTEKI campaign!

Launch of MOTEKI campaign

In Japan, MOTEKI is a period when one becomes popular with the opposite gender.
MOTEKI campaign will start from Jan 23 for the upcoming romantic season!
In this campaign, you need to play Medley against an opposite gender opponent.
Enjoy meeting many people and find your love!

«Campaign period»
Mon 23 Jan to Sun 26 Feb 2017

«Event outline»
During the campaign, participants play Medley against opposite gender opponents.

Launch of MOTEKI campaign
Launch of MOTEKI campaign

A participant will receive picture THEME after playing against 5 opponents.
A participant will receive Movie THEME after playing against 10 opponents.

Become MOTE-King or MOTE-Queen to recieve LIMITED EDITION DARTSLIVE 200S.
(MOTE-King and MOTE-Queen are the players who has played the most MEDLEY with the opposing gender during the campaign period)
DOP will visit a home shop of MOTE-King and MOTE-Queen

«Campaign flow»
Launch of MOTEKI campaign

Gender indication can’t be canged after 10 am on Jan 16, JST.
If you don’t have your gender on the member page, please indicate it on the page.
Launch of MOTEKI campaign

・The campaign is not available for players without DARTSLIVE CARD.
・This campaign won’t count any opponent who is the same gender or doesn’t have gender indication for the prize.
・This campaign won’t count any opponent twice even if you compete the person 2 times or more.
・Participants can play any Medley games in this campaign. No. of opponents doesn’t affect the game result.
・For Doubles, all the game participants of opposite gender are counted.
・Not applicable to Trios and Gallon.
・The campaign doesn’t count the opponents who are in different countries as each country holds it independently.
・No. of opponents is counted only for matches between members (PREMIUM, Regular and Trial members).
【Correction on Jan 19】Correction was made. First, Trios and Gallon were included but they are no longer so.

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