CC1K & CC2K 2019 - Monthly Showdown of the Elites

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CC1K is back! And bringing along 2 new divisions, where everyone can have fun competing together!
Introducing CC2K and CC2K Ladies, a different type of tournament that requires stability and consistency, in order to hit the top rankings!


Fondly known as COUNT-UP Club 1000, CC1K first debuted in 2012, built up as the platform for the top players locally. As we go into the 8th year of this event, more and more players join the ranks after years of hard work.  CC1K is still and will be a free-entry tournament for players (above rating 10) in Singapore who achieved 1000 points and above in COUNT-UP during the qualifying month. Keep the challenges going and we hope to see more new faces joining the ranks.

Grand Final

Top-ranked players after 4 stages will be invited to the Grand Final. Prize Table as follows:

*Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash

CC2K & CC2K Ladies

Whole new concept of tournament is now coming your way!
With the combination of COUNT-UP, CRICKET COUNT-UP and MULTIPLE COUNT-UP, it would be a good challenge for aspiring players to train on focus and consistency.  Ladies will have a division and a ranking of their own.

Stage Outline

– Players are invited for the stage tournament after achieving the points required for individual division.
– After check-in, players will play 3 sets of COUNT-UP Medley.
– Top-ranked players will advance to Final, where they will play 2 more sets of COUNT-UP Medley
– Rank 1st to 8th will be awarded in the prize table.

Prize Table for CC2K and CC2K Ladies

Ranking is unique for CC2K.

  • All participants in all stages will be placed in 1 Ranking.
  • All official scores played during the stage tournament will be recorded and the player’s top 2 best score will be added up and updated in the Main Ranking Table
  • Top ranked players will be invited to Grand Final

Stage 1 will be happening in November, details will be released soon. Qualifying starts in October!  Grab your darts and your training buddy and start your COUNT-UP Medley training soon! Keep motivating and encourage each other, we shall see you guys and girls at the top.

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