Let's copy OFFICIAL PLAYER LIVE EFFECTS by playing online!

Let's copy OFFICIAL PLAYER LIVE EFFECTS by playing online!

To all DARTSLIVE fans who have been lamenting that “We never have an opportunity to play versus an OFFICIAL PLAYER”, we have some good news for you!

From Saturday, 21 August, you will be able to copy a LIVE EFFECT of OFFICIAL DARTSLIVE PLAYERS by playing in online matches!

To celebrate this we are holding an online match event on DARTSLIVE3.
Many OFFICIAL PLAYERS will be participating in the LIVE MATCH EVENT as guests.

This is a great chance to get a LIVE EFFECT of your favorite player.
We hope that you will join us.

Guest Participation Schedule

Sat 21 August Keita Ono , Mikuru Suzuki , Royden Lam , Paul Lim
Sat 28 August Haruki Muramatsu , Cathy Leung , Leslie Lee

Guest Participation Time

15:00 ~ 18:00

Take this opportunity to get it and show it off to your friends!

  • *Only the OFFICIAL PLAYER LIVE EFFECTS can be copied in online matches.
  • *After 21 August, you can earn a LIVE EFFECT even outside of the event period by playing against OFFICIAL PLAYERS in LIVE MATCHES.
  • *Guest players are subject to change without notice.

<Regarding the effect of COVID-19 on the implementation of the campaign>
Please note that there may be days or times when you cannot participate in the event due to the regulatory measures taken by each local government regarding COVID-19.

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