Online Match at Home! New App “DARTSLIVE Home” Available

DARTSLIVE-200S is an App-enabled home dartboard.
New App, “DARTSLIVE Home” with online match function will be launched.

Launch Date: Monday, 16 August

Enjoy playing online Match on DARTSLIVE-200S!
Now you can select your opponent from players across the world and play games of 701 and CRICKET.
Experience the future of darts with the Graphics and Sounds of DARTSLIVE3!

Enjoy the playing experience of the latest commercial use darts machine DARTSLIVE3 through your game screen on your device.
Powerful audiovisuals provide an exhilarating game experience.

As in DARTSLIVE-200S, your DARTSLIVE RATING will be calculated. You can play darts at home and check your darts rating the same way you would at a darts shop.

We will update the latest information and exciting topics about DARTSLIVE Home and DARTSLIVE-200S on the official DARTSLIVE website.
Learn about DARTSLIVE Home App and DARTSLIVE-200S 

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