Singapore 10 Year Anniversary DARTSLIVE3 SUPER DRAW Campaign!

Look out for our DARTSLIVE3 SUPER DRAW for players who play at least 10 games on the DARTSLIVE3 Machine. Grab your friends and join us for this golden celebration!

1 September 2021 – 26 September 2021

Play at least 10 games on DARTSLIVE3
Any game will be counted!

1) Insert your DARTSLIVE CARD into the card slot of DARTSLIVE3 machine and play at least 10 games to win the lucky draw.
2) 30 Lucky Draw will be given out:
• Gold prize: 10 Year Anniversary Gold Cards x 10
• Silver prize: DARTSLIVE3 White Cards x 10
• Consolation prize: DARTSLIVE3 Tip Holder Keychain x 10

Players are not required to obtain “WE ARE 10″ Golden PICTURE THEME or Limited Edition Fireworks MOVIE THEME to be entitled to our DARTSLIVE3 SUPER DRAW.

The lucky draw will be made once the campaign period is finished.
The winners will be announced in the article on the official DARTSLIVE website and DARTSLIVE Singapore’s Facebook on 30 September 2021*.
*Date is subject to change


Card ID (Last 4 Digit) Card Name
0657 Zulu
9904 The White Hoss
8322 Dr. Darts
5937 F’Arrow
2658 DiNoS@W (^o^)
7536 冷血
9794 DaVe S@W
3969 Ignatius Tan J J
6130 ThE S@W….
1296 Jerold
Card ID (Last 4 Digit) Card Name
0434 唐門•善良的死神
7824 Taki Ng
8193 Balakrishnan
2801 Abdullah
7217 WY SOO
0819 大城 明香利
8480 911
0192 黑界"酒鬼" ☆☆
7133 D-Mongie-C
4241 CHONG
Card ID (Last 4 Digit) Card Name
0147 {狼}AhFu™
2515 干啥哈密达
8256 Burton Lim
2304 无名小朋友
0960 ★Pikachu☆
0080 one day zero
1555 Lume
3251 D’ Jester
4657 Barrel Roll

Please PM DARTSLIVE SINGAPORE Facebook Page by 1 November 2021 with your 16 Digit Card ID and Card Name to redeem your prize.

1) DARTSLIVE has the right to modify or change the campaign contents.
2) DARTSLIVE reserves the right of final decision.
3) DARTSLIVE has the right to deprive player’s prize and game points of the campaign IF the fraud has been found.

1) Each card can only be used by one person.
2) Manually pressing the dartboard is forbidden.
3) Players have other behaviors that violate public morals or are deem by the store to be fraudulent.

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