Notice of New Functions for DARTSLIVE Home


Three new functions will be added to the DARTSLIVE Home app in the release of update version 1.10.0 on Monday, 13th December.

1. Shortcut Operation (Outboard/REVERSE-A-PLAYER)
2. Passcode Match (LIVE MATCH) *Function only available for DARTSLIVE Premium Members
3. Outboard Sensor (test function)


1. Shortcut Operation

■OUTBOARD & REVERSE-A-PLAYER operation made easier.

▼When playing> go to SHORTCUT in the DART RESULT AREA.

・ Double tap on the OUTBOARD.

・ Press for 1 second to REVERSE-A-PLAYER.


2. Passcode Match (LIVE MATCH)

*This function is only available for DARTSLIVE Premium Members.

■ Meet friends for a match!

▼ Go to LIVE MATCH > Passcode Settings

・ When you are waiting in the ONLINE LOBBY, you can set up a passcode in advance so that you can only accept match requests from players who know your passcode.



・ A key icon will be displayed for players who have set a passcode.

・ The player requesting the match will need to enter the set passcode when requesting the match.

・ The passcode setting is a function only available to DARTSLIVE Premium Members. Standard Members can also request to play against players who have set a passcode.


3. Outboard Sensor

■ Automatically determines the outboard by vibration.

・ We recommend the use of the four legged dartboard stand or the DARTSLIVE Polestand (available only in Japan). The app may not work correctly when used with other stands.

・ In order to detect the OUTBOARD, the device set up on the stand must interpret the vibration when the board is hit.

・ The outboard sensor is a trial release. We will continue to improve the functionality based on your feedback.


▼TOP Menu > Game Settings

・ If you turn ON the “Outboard Sensor” in the Game Settings menu, it will automatically process the outboard during play.

・ If the setting is ON, the PLAYER CHANGE will be automatically performed when the dart is pulled out after throwing.



We will continue to provide a variety of services and content on DARTSLIVE Home, so please stay tuned for updates!

* These images are of functions under development and may differ from the actual specifications.


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