SUPER 2 Season 14 GAME ON!

Teams to note due to Social Distancing Measures,   

  • Current 5 pax to dine in rule – only 2 players/teams are allowed per league night.
      Home & Away Team will share same table (as no mingling between tables allowed)
  •    If Dine-In rule relaxes, all 3 players/team are allowed per league night.  
  • Avoid physical contact such as ‘handshakes’, ‘fist bump’, ‘high fives’. Use alternative methods of greetings instead; 
  • All players are reminded to observe personal hygiene and stay home if unwell.

With the commencement of Season 14, here are some important dates to take note. Do mark them in your calendars! 

We strongly encourage all captains and players to download a copy of the Official League Rulebook for reference in case of any uncertainties or disputes.  

All captains are required to save League Contact (9777 4778) in case of enquiries and to receive updates from League Management.  

Resources for Download: 








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