Bonus Prize Unlocked for DARTSLIVE3 1st Anniversary in Singapore

Challenge Completed! 400,000 DARTSLIVE3 BULL COUNTER ACHIEVED!

Thank you to everyone for your banding together and hitting the BULL COUNT! To celebrate our DARTSLIVE3 hitting the BIG 1, we are having a Bonus Round to add 1 Limited Edition DARTSLIVE3 Black Card to the Lucky Draw for every 8000 DARTSLIVE3 BULL COUNTER accumulated after 400,000 GOAL. 

1 March 2022 to 27 March 2022

Play any games on DARTSLIVE3 and accumulate 10 Bulls to be entitled to 1 Chance in the Lucky Draw. E.g. if you play 50 games on DARTSLIVE3, you get 5 chances in the Lucky Draw.
No limit to the number of DARTSLIVE3 games you can play. 

■ Prize 
Limited Edition DARTSLIVE3 Black Card


 The lucky draw will be made once the campaign period has ended. Winners will be announced on the official DARTSLIVE website and DARTSLIVE Singapore’s Facebook and Instagram Page on  31 March 2022. *Date is subject to change

■ DARTSLIVE3 Bull Counter

Check our current DL3 Bull Counter on the front page of DARTSLIVE official website. All BULLs hit on every DARTSLIVE3 machine in  Singapore will be counted and reflected on the Bull Counter.

1) Players must register as DARTSLIVE members (premium member, trial member, or basic member) and use DARTSLIVE CARD for the game.
2) Ensure that your DARTSLIVE App is set to the designated countries and regions.
3) DARTSLIVE has the right to modify or change the campaign contents.
4) DARTSLIVE reserves the right of final decision.
5) DARTSLIVE has the right to deprive player’s prize and game points of the campaign IF the fraud has been found.

1) Each card can only be used by one person.
2) Manually pressing the dartboard is forbidden.
3) Players have other behaviours that violate public morals or are deemed by the store to be fraudulent.

<About the effects of COVID-19 on the Campaign.>

Please note that there may be days or times when you cannot participate in the campaign due to the regulatory measures taken by each local government regarding COVID-19.

In addition, please participate in this campaign following the requirements of your local government to prevent the infection of COVID-19.

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