DARTSLIVE3 2nd Anniversary in Singapore: Monthly Ranking Board

Time flies when we are changing the game! Happy 2nd anniversary to DARTSLIVE3 in Singapore, challenge yourself against the BEST PLAYERS and fight for a spot in our TOP 10 Monthly Ranking Board. Don’t miss our very exclusive Live Effect to celebrate the special occasion! 

15 March to 9 April 2023 

Play SKILL CHECK on DARTSLIVE3 and be the TOP 10 Players on our Monthly Ranking Board to win a DARTSLIVE Gacha Keychain.  

DARTSLIVE Gacha Keychain 

Play any 10 games on DARTSLIVE3 to receive Limited Edition Singapore 2YA Live Effect 

1) Players must register as DARTSLIVE members (premium member, trial member, or basic member) and use DARTSLIVE CARD for the game.
2) Ensure that your DARTSLIVE App is set to the designated countries and regions.
3) DARTSLIVE has the right to modify or change the campaign contents.
4) DARTSLIVE reserves the right of final decision.
5) DARTSLIVE has the right to deprive player’s prize and game points of the campaign IF the fraud has been found.

1) Each card can only be used by one person.
2) Manually pressing the dartboard is forbidden.
3) Players have other behaviours that violate public morals or are deemed by the store to be fraudulent.

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