Notice of Update (Ver 3.4.0)


DARTSLIVE Home App will be updated to Ver 3.4.0 on Monday, 14 August.
We are happy to announce the addition of “LUCKY BALLOON” and GAME VOICE support.

■”LUCKY BALLOON” added to DARTSLIVE Home (Premium+ plan subscribers only)

The popular party game “LUCKY BALLOON” on DARTSLIVE3 will be available on DARTSLIVE Home for Premium+ plan subscribers only.
With the simple rule that the player who bursts the balloon loses, everyone from darts beginners to experts can play together and have fun.
The number of throws per round can be adjusted freely between 1 to 3 throws. However, if you receive a randomly generated message saying “UNLUCKY,” you must throw all 3 throws.

■Support added for GAME VOICE (Premium+ plan subscribers only)

GAME VOICE can now be customized in the DARTSLIVE Home app as a function exclusive to the Premium+ plan.
The GAME VOICE reads out dart scores, awards like HAT TRICKS and others, making game development even more spectacular. You can customize the GAME VOICE to your liking and enjoy darts as much as you want at home, with the same feeling of playing darts out in public.

▼SOUND Advanced Settings Function

・The name of the function to adjust the volume of the SYSTEM VOICE has been changed to VOICE. By changing the VOICE settings, the volume of the game can be adjusted as well.
・”Play GAME VOICE” is now available to specify the playback range of the GAME VOICE. When set to STANDARD, the GAME VOICE will be played in the same way as on a DARTSLIVE3 (01 GAMES & CRICKET only). When set to ALL, the GAME VOICE can be used for all contents.

We will continue to offer a wide range of services and contents on DARTSLIVE Home, so please stay tuned.


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