Star Scramble Result!

Star Scramble

The result of the highlight event is finally decided!
Announcement of the top players whose achievement astonished MAHJONG players around the world!!

1st: なかむら たくや 1591 stars
2nd: 野平店長@サンパ 1395 stars
3rd: GOD FATHERだぉ!! 971 stars
4th: UsK ASAI【雀鬼】 896 stars
5th: IRONΩHOOK 687 stars
6th: アンシャンテ☆ユカリ☆ 649 stars
7th: カ(´・ω・`)メ 530 stars
8th: KAITO 512 stars
9th: ドナルド.B2J 469 stars
10th: yam@bar monte 459 stars

It is not an overstatement to call “なかむら たくや”‚ who became the champion of all players in this competition‚ “one of the world’s top level players”
“Star Scramble” adds little more excitement to your regular Mahjong game.
Join us again in the next “Star Scramble”!

Limited items only for the top 100 players
The players who ranked in the top 100 of “Star Scramble” will receive the items below as award:

★Reach effect
★Avatar background

The items will expire after August 31!
This is a great opportunity to show your strength as a high ranking player.


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