Tengku Shah
The Hot Shots
Penang, Malaysia
Date of birth
Height (cm)
Blood type
Dominant hand
Dominant eye
Shoe size
Darts career
Highest COUNT-UP score
Number you are good at aiming at

20, 19, 18


  • THE WORLD 2016 STAGE 5 / Winner
  • SEA TOUR 2019 Annual Ranking / 1st place


Barrel name
Shaft (model or type)
L-Style / Laro Carbon 260 L-Style / Laro Carbon 225
Flight (model or type)
L-Style / L3C BLACK L-Style / L3 LIGHT BLUE
Tip (model or type)


What are you good at other than darts?
Favorite quote or saying
Be the best among the best
The darts player you respect the most
Paul Lim and Phil Taylor
Who do you want to beat in SUPER DARTS 2020?
Everyone if possible. But we are playing knock out so I can only play few of the players.
Darts player you are closest with
Paul Lim
Who is your rival?
Paul Lim
Teacher or mentor who influenced you the most
My manager and Paul Lim
Out of all the darts players, who is the best drinker?
Not sure
How do you maintain your condition at its best?
I do practice few hours a day and I also do some physical training.
The most exciting match you have played
I have few exiting match. First was when I won The World Stage 5 Malaysia in 2016 than at the same year I qualify for the PDC World Championship. I played the matches with all my heart to win.
The most disappointing match you have played
It was a second round match at PDC World Championship where most of the time I was ahead but just couldn’t finish. It was a frustrating because I know that I can win that match.
What was your childhood dream?
To be an army officer in engineering
Your current dream and goal
To be a world champion since I started playing darts. Now I am going to SUPER DARTS 2020, my goal is to win this tournament and be back to defend it.
Favorite movie
Rambo, Harry Potter
Favorite singer
Michael Jackson
Favorite color
Blue, Orange, Yellow and Black
If you were not a darts player, what will you be doing?
Piping Construction Supervisor
How would you describe your personality?
As darts player, I am a balance player. I will play safe most of the time but I will also play aggressive when I have the opportunity. As myself, I am an easy going person. I like to mix with people. But I also a bit hot tempered person. Especially if someone doesn’t kept their words, crossed the line or make a mistake but don’t want to admit it.
Favorite food?
Nasi kandar (chicken), it’s a local food that are famous everywhere in northern region of Malaysia especially Penang
Food you hate to eat
Food that is forbidden for Muslim to eat.
Place you like going to
Makkah, Madinah, Mount Fuji, Cherrie blossom park
Dream destination
Doing Haj with my family in Makkah
Favorite animal
What will you purchase with the prize money?
House and provide a better life for my family
What kind of gift makes you happy?
Any give that is given with kindness and good heart.
What kind of person are you attracted to?
A good, kind and strong heart. Able to accept me as I am.
The moment you feel the happiest
When my children was born
Things you bring for tournaments far from home
My darts. My family photo.
Your most attractive feature
My style of throwing
Three things you would bring to a deserted island
Sleeping bag, rope and machete
How do you relieve your stress?
When training I will take a break and when in competition I will step back and take a deep breath and refocus.
What does darts mean to you?
For me darts means life. It teaches you to be patient and understand the situation. Even in life it teaches almost the same thing. You have to be patient when life brought you down and you have to stand back on your own. Darts is the same thing. When you are losing, you have to stay patient and focus to create your chance of winning.
What are your strengths?
My mind is my strength. It helps me to stay focus and calm. It’s also helping me to count faster in a game.