【SUPER DARTS 2018】Special Invitation Player (Part 1): Mikuru Suzuki (Japan)


SUPER DARTS 2018 will take place on Thu Mar 15 and Fri Mar 16, 2018.
This is the first announcement of one of the Special Invitation Players.

<Special Invitation Player>
Announcement (Part 1): Mikuru Suzuki (Japan)

Suzuki earned No.1 in the JAPAN LADIES Annual Ranking for two consective years.
Besides the Pro Tour in Japan, she also received TOP LADIES award four times in THE WORLD 2017.
Suzuki is now one of the top female professional darts players in the world.
SUPER DARTS 2018 proudly invites her as its first female participating player.

Mikuru Suzuki’s comments:
My strength is my tenaciousness.
Even if a game gets really difficult, I will play my best in the game.

For more detailed player information, visit the SUPER DARTS website


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