【SUPER DARTS 2017】 Fan-Voted Players Results!


From December 1st to January 10th, fans voted to choose players to participate in SUPER DARTS. Today, we will announce the players of SUPER DARTS 2017.

▼Japanese Players
1st Place: Masumi Chino
2nd Place: Mitsumasa Hoshino
3rd Place: Seigo Asada
4th Place: Haruki Muramatsu
5th Place: Takehiro Suzuki
6th Place: Yuji Eguchi
7th Place: Keita Ono
8th Place: Kenichi Ajiki

▼Overseas Players
1st Place: Lourence Ilagan (Philippines)
2nd Place: Howei Tsai(Taiwan)
3rd Place: Hynchul Park(Korea)
4th Place: Scott Kirchner(USA)

Total of 16 players, 12 players mentioned above and Top 4 players of SUPER DARTS 2015,
will compete in SUPER DARTS 2017.

SUPER DARTS will be on March 22 and 23.

Information will be updated accordingly on the official website.
Don’t miss the ultimate matches of the Star players of the world!


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