JAPAN 2015 STAGE 11 Live Webcasting!


Top professional players compete in SOFT DARTS PROFESSIONAL TOUR JAPAN 2015.
This annual tournament will decide who will be the best of the best.
STAGE 11 will be covered in a live webcast on DARTSLIVE.TV.

Live from:
Sun 27 Sep 8:30 (Thailand‚ Indonesia)
Sun 27 Sep 9:30 (Brunei Darussalam‚ Singapore‚ Malaysia)
Sun 27 Sep 11:30 (Australia) *Australian Eastern Standard Time
Sun 27 Sep 14:30 (New Zealand)

Several matches of JAPAN Division 1 and JAPAN LADIES FINAL will be webcasted.

*Please note that there may be an interruption during the webcast and event times may change without notice depending on tournament progress and webcasting condition.

>>Please click here for viewing

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