The fourth stage of the SOUTH EAST ASIA TOUR 2019 saw some of the most exciting matches yet in SEA TOUR 2019 last weekend, in the resort island of Penang – taking place beside the events of the PENANG DARTS FESTIVAL 2019! We’re thrilled to announce the STAGE 4 Champions – Tengku Shah (OPEN DIVISION) from Malaysia and Tan Julie (LADIES DIVISION), also from Malaysia!

Tengku Shah maintains his lead in the Annual Rankings, while Tan Julie fought her way to the top of this STAGE’s fierce competition to clinch her first Championship in SEA TOUR 2019. Here’s hoping to see more of these brilliant players in the final STAGE of SEA TOUR 2019!

STAGE 4 OPEN DIVISION CHAMPION – Tengku Shah (Malaysia) 

Tengku Shah has done it again! After a myriad of difficult opponents last weekend, Tengku has made it to the top as Champion of SEA TOUR STAGE 4, and is currently dominating the Annual Ranking in first place! An expert contender in Soft Tip Darts around the region, Tengku is one player who can never be underestimated – capitalizing on any mistakes instantly and keeping a steady focus on his own game has seen him winning against many an opponent!

Congratulations once again to Tengku Shah for earning the Championship title for SEA TOUR 2019 STAGE 4, OPEN DIVISION!

Harith Lim (Singapore)

【BEST 4】
Felix Chen CF (Malaysia)
Leslie Lee SP (Singapore)

【BEST 8】
Chua Tze Siong (Singapore)
Vince Tieh SC (Malaysia)
Jelly Khoo LT (Malaysia)
Suresraj A/L Ragu (Malaysia)


SEA TOUR 2019 has seen a new LADIES DIVISION Champion! Tan Julie has succeeded last weekend’s LADIES throne after a blazing performance throughout the day, coming ahead of her opponents in a show of equal parts skill and razor sharp focus. Hailing from Malaysia, she has been a regular talent to watch in SEA TOUR; and we hope to see more of her in the upcoming tournaments!

Congratulations once again to Tan Julie for earning the Championship title for SEA TOUR 2019 STAGE 4, LADIES DIVISION!

Brenda Foo (Singapore)

【BEST 4】
Rena Ng YL (Singapore)
Ong Jhou Li (Malaysia)

【BEST 8】
Abby Tay SL (Singapore)
Belinda Phang JL (Malaysia)
Kayla Foo HT (Singapore)
Ivy Wong ML (Malaysia)

Congratulations once again to all SEA TOUR 2019 STAGE 4 Winners – we hope to see you all again soon the final showdown of SEA TOUR 2019 – STAGE 5: SINGAPORE!


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