Christmas COUNT-UP Campaign Starting Today!

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than playing darts with a seasonal THEME!
So join our Christmas COUNT-UP Campaign and collect the limited Holiday THEMES!

■Campaign Period
Monday 2 December to Thursday 26 December

■Campaign Game

■How to play
1) Play COUNT-UP using your DARTSLIVE Card
2) Ensure the last 2 digits of your score is related to Christmas when you finish the game (you will have to guess the numbers!)
3) Aim for all 3 THEMES!

Those who collected all 3 THEMES will receive an Extra Special Gift!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Darts!

1. Picture THEME

2. Picture THEME

3. Picture THEME

4. Special Gift

■ NOTE ■
*For this campaign, participants are required to use their DARTSLIVE Card.
*This campaign is available only for Singles games not for Doubles games.

*The THEME will be given even when playing COUNT-UP MEDLEY if the player meets the requirement.

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