“LUCKY BALLOON” is Now Available to Play on DARTSLIVE Home

“LUCKY BALLOON” the popular party game from DARTSLIVE3, is now available on DARTSLIVE Home! The rules are simple: the first person to burst a balloon loses, and everyone from darts beginners to advanced players can join in the fun.
Enjoy the thrill of not knowing when the balloon will burst, at home with your family and friends.

GAME VOICE is now Available on DARTSLIVE Home!

The GAME VOICE makes game development even more spectaculat as it reads out dart scores, HAT TRICKS, and other awards.
In addition to the standard voices, there is a full range of unique voices, from famous voice actors to some eccentric voices too!
We are planning to introduce various new voices in the future, so stay tuned!

We are making major updates to our Premium+ Plan Subscription Service in August. Don’t miss our series of announcements about each new content.

Vol 1 Mon 7 Aug  【DARTSLIVE3】VOICE
Vol 3 Mon 28 Aug 【DARTSLIVE app】 Play Time/Games Played

●New Contents Added to the Premium+ Plan

Vol 1: Mon 7 Aug.【DARTSLIVE 3】Voice Actor Voice

The voice of Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, who has appeared in many game titles such as “Virtua Fighter” and “Maimai” is now available as a GAME VOICE!
His strong and passionate voice will enliven the game!
SEGA fans may have heard his voice before?

Vol 3: Mon 28 Aug.【DARTSLIVE app】Play Time/Games Played

You can now check your Total Play Time and Number of Games Played on the DARTSLIVE app.

・Check the total play time and number of games played by day and month, and by game genre.
・Check the RATING and STATS trend graphs, together with the total play time and number of games played.

You can use this as a guide for the time and number of throws in daily practice, or to improve by exploring trends in a game genre you are playing.

Stay tuned for more new content and features to be added to the Premium+ Plan.
Premium+ Plan.

*Please understand that the DARTSLIVE Services offered may vary by Country and Region.

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