Community Rules

DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) operates the community sites on social networking systems.
Provided below are our Community Rules which we ask our customers to strictly observe when using our community sites. These Rules apply to all customers who use the services available in the DARTSLIVE Community. Accordingly, we ask you that you ensure that you read the following Rules, in addition to the Terms of Use for the SNS in question, when using our services.

Scope of application

These Community Rules (hereinafter referred to as “these Terms”) shall apply to all users who use or browse the DARTSLIVE Community (hereinafter referred to as “User”, “you”, “your).

Subject services

These Terms cover DARTSLIVE’s official Facebook page, mixi page, Google+ page, YouTube page, Pinterest page and official Twitter account, all of which are operated by the Company, and other community sites which the Company operates on social networking systems (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “DARTSLIVE Community”), as well as the services related thereto.


  1. The Company does not respond to all the comments and the like which are posted by Users in the DARTSLIVE Community.
  2. The Company makes official announcements or states its official opinions on our website or in news releases. Information that is transmitted by the Company or our employees on social networking systems (hereinafter referred to as “SNS”) does not necessary reflect the Company’s official announcements or opinions. Furthermore, content which are posted by Users do not reflect the comments or opinions of the Company, our employees, or related personnel.
  3. The Company is unable to answer inquiries about comments and the like which are posted by Users in the DARTSLIVE Community.
  4. The Company is unable to answer questions about the status of the systems operation for social networking systems such as Facebook and Twitter, or about the functions, method of use, or technical matters concerning each SNS site, or concerning any other software, application or the like which is provided by a third party.
  5. The Company may end, suspend, or change the entire or a part of the operation of the DARTSLIVE Community without prior notice.

Rules on posting

  1. If the photographic subject of content which you intend to post includes a person, please ensure that you post such content only after obtaining the person’s approval beforehand on your own responsibility so as not to infringe such person’s portrait right.
  2. If the photographic subject of content which you intend to post includes the likeness of a character or any other copyrighted material, please post the same after obtaining the approval of the copyright holder on your own responsibility so as to avoid copyright infringement.


  1. The Company does not guarantee in any way whatsoever that information or the like which a User obtains from the DARTSLIVE Community is complete, accurate, reliable, or useful.
  2. The Company has no responsibility over the information, text, photographs, images, videos, audio, e-mail addresses, web pages, reviews, comments, and other materials that are posted by Users in the DARTSLIVE Community (the above items are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Content”). A User shall be entirely responsible for all the Content which he or she posts on the DARTSLIVE Community. If a User causes loss to a third party in connection with the use of the Content, the User shall, on its own responsibility and at its own cost, resolve any and all disputes with such third party, and shall not cause any loss to the Company.
  3. The Company has no responsibility over any loss that is incurred by a User as a result of using, or not being able to use, the DARTSLIVE Community.
  4. The Company has no responsibility over any loss that is incurred by a User or a third party as a result of any trouble or the like between Users or between a third party and a User which arises out of the DARTSLIVE Community, unless the damage is attributable to the intent or gross negligence of the Company.

Handling of intellectual property rights

  1. The copyright or the like for a post belongs to the User who made the post. It shall be considered, however, that the User shall permanently grant to the Company, through the act of posting, a non-exclusive license to such post (including the reproduction, publication, processing, extraction, duplication, and translation thereof, and the creation or distribution of a derivative work), all over the world at no cost, the Contents having been posted, and that the User agrees not to exercise his or her copyright or the like (including portrait right) against the Company.
  2. A User shall not duplicate, make public, transmit (including public transmission), distribute, transfer, lease, translate, adapt, reprint, or publish any Contents, which are obtained from the DARTSLIVE Community beyond the scope of personal use as stipulated in the Copyright Act of Japan. Furthermore, the User shall not, without prior consent, otherwise use the Contents in the DARTSLIVE Community beyond the scope allowed under the Copyright Act of Japan.

Prohibited actions

A User is prohibited from taking the following actions when using the DARTSLIVE Community. If the Company considers at its discretion that a User’s action falls under any of the following, the Company has the right to delete or edit the relevant Content and the right to block or otherwise deal with the account from which the post was made; provided, however, that the Company has no obligation to take such action:

  1. Political activities, election activities, religious activities, acts of discrimination, or other similar acts;
  2. Identifying, disclosing, or divulging the personal information of another User or a third party without such person’s approval;
  3. Causing, or an act which has the risk of causing disadvantage or loss to the Company or an affiliate thereof, another User, or any other third party;
  4. Infringement of a copyright, trademark right, patent right, trade secret, portrait right, or any other intellectual property right of the Company or an affiliate thereof, another User, or any other third party;
  5. Threatening, defaming, or damaging the reputation or credibility, or infringing the privacy, of the Company or an affiliate thereof, another User, or any other third party;
  6. Violation of laws and regulations or of terms or policies stipulated by the Company, or any other act which is offensive to public order and morals;
  7. Falsification of information that is provided through the DARTSLIVE Community;
  8. Use of the DARTSLIVE Community for commercial purposes such as introducing, advertising, or soliciting for one’s own product, copyrighted work, store, or company;
  9. Interference with, or an act which has the risk of interfering with, the operation of the DARTSLIVE Community, or disadvantaging, or an act which is likely to disadvantage, a third party including the Company;
  10. Impersonating a third party, including the Company;
  11. Posting or transmitting Content that includes any kind of computer virus, harmful computer program or the like;
  12. Reproduction, sale, or publishing Content obtained from this page, or otherwise using the same beyond the scope of private use;
  13. Posting any Content which includes any of the following
    - Inappropriate descriptions, such as indecent expressions and expressions which disturb others
    - Discriminatory expressions
    - Descriptions which threaten, defame or harass a specific individual, company, or country/region, or harassment
    - One’s own, or another person’s, telephone number, address, e-mail address or any other personal information, or descriptions which infringe another person’s privacy
    - Images, videos or the like which can identify an individual, such as a head-and-shoulders photo, for which approval of the person concerned is not obtained (if the person is a minor, approval of the person’s parent or guardian)
    - Descriptions with the objective of criminal behavior and descriptions which provoke criminal behavior or descriptions that pose such risks
    - Images or videos over which the User has no intellectual property rights
    - Descriptions which violate laws, regulations, or public order and morals
    - Descriptions which are commercial in nature such as introductions to, advertising for, or solicitation or the like for a product, store, or company or the like
    - Descriptions which are irrelevant to the purpose of any page in the DARTSLIVE Community
    - Other descriptions which the Company considers, based on valid reasons, to be inappropriate; and
  14. Violations of the Terms of Use or the like of any SNS.

Measures against prohibited actions

If the Company considers that a User, whether maliciously or negligently, has performed any of the above-mentioned prohibited actions, or is likely to do so, the Company may, without notifying the User beforehand, take any of the following measures or any combination thereof:

  1. Deletion of Content;
  2. Restricting such User’s use of the DARTSLIVE Community;
  3. Sending a warning/recommendation in a message or the like using the services of any SNS, or by an e-mail sent privately; and
  4. Sending a message using the services of any SNS or an announcement by an e-mail sent privately regarding any of the measures (1) through (3) having been taken.

Claim for damages

If a User causes the Company to suffer loss in violation of these Terms, the Company may file a claim against the User for damages.

Handling of personal information

When the Company obtains a User’s personal information, the Company shall strictly observe the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan and shall manage such User’s personal information appropriately according to the Personal Information Protection Policy separately stipulated by the Company.
<Privacy Policy>

Governing law/Competent court

These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Any dispute relating to the use or the like of the DARTSLIVE Community by a User shall be brought to the court which has jurisdiction over the location of the Company’s head office, and such court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over the dispute.

Revisions to the Rules

The Company may, without prior notice, make revisions to these Terms as needed. In cases where the Company, by making an announcement or the like in the DARTSLIVE Community, informs a User about a revision, and where such User continues using the DARTSLIVE Community without making any objection after the announcement, it shall be considered that such User has agreed to the revisions to these Terms.

Controlling Language

If there is any discrepancy between the Japanese and English versions of the Community Rules, the Japanese version shall prevail.

Contact information

Contact information: DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd.

You can find the URL of the homepage for relevant services in the “Profile” page within the DARTSLIVE Community. Please contact us using the contact information indicated on that page.

October 2014