Starting today! Opportunity to receive special THEMES and darts case!


DARTSLIVE Christmas COUNT-UP campaign starts today!

The campaign awaits your participation with specially made Christmas items including DARTSLIVE THEME, DARTSLIVE card and a dart case!

【Campaign period】

▼Nov. 27(Fri)to Dec. 25(Fri)

【Christmas gifts】


movie theme.jpg



▼Darts case & Special DARTSLIVE CARD

dartslive card.jpgCHRISTMAS COUNT-UP

※Sample image, actual product may looks different

【How to receive the Christmas gifts】

▼To receive the THEME, you need the following cumulative points that are earned during the campaign period.

・PICTURE THEME:1000 points

・MOVIE THEME:10000 points

※The points you accumulated will appear on “HOME SHOP” in CARD PAGE.

▼Top 3 of the cumulative points:Dart set

▼12th, 25th and 125th players:Special DARTSLIVE CARD made for this campaign!

【View your points】

Register DARTSLIVE membership on our website

② Click Home shop on the member page


Participate in DARTSLIVE Christmas campaign this winter and have an exciting holiday season!


①Accumulated points are counted only in the county or region of your home shop.

(e.g. If your home shop is in US‚ amount of points include only the score you got in US.)

②When you leave the country or region of your home shop‚ or change the country or region of home shop‚ your points start from 0. If you return to the country or region of your original home shop‚ or return the home shop setting to the original one‚ points return to the original figure before the change.

※Campaign countries:USA‚ Canada‚ UK, France, Belgium

③If more than 1 player accumulated the same points during the campaign period, the one who earned the score first will be rewarded with the X’mas present.

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