International Top 100 COUNT-UP Challenge: final results!


Final results are in! Check below to see how the UK performed during this month’s Campaign!!

The USA finished in the 1st place with the total of 107 764 points, followed by France with a total of 100 766 points and Canada with 81 952 points. UK is ranked 4th with a total of 44 503 points!

Final result.PNG

France was not able to surpass the score of the USA, and finished 2nd. Canada, UK, Belgium, Spain and Portugal completed the ranking. Two teams were able to go beyond 100 000points!

Top 5 Shops.PNG

Here are the top Shops for each country. Two shops have a high score compared to others. Let us congratulate Slug and Lettuce @Leicester Square for their outstanding shop performance, earning 32166 Points and finishing 1st overall!!! i Darts Toronto, with a total finish 2nd with a total of 17 257 Points.

Top 10 Players.PNG

THE JETT finished as the global leader of the COUNT-UP ranking with a score of 1210 points. In UK ,C-GOD took the lead with a score of 1169 points!

Thank you all for your participation, and stay tuned for more upcoming North America vs Europe Campaigns!

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