Coming Soon! April "International Top 100 COUNT-UP Challenge"!!


Announcement for April’s monthly campaign!
April will be involving Cross-Atlantic countries to join the competition against each other!
USA, Canada will be joining from North America, while UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium will be joining this campaign from Europe!

The rule is simple, the country with the highest total score of the Monthly COUNT-UP Top 100 Ranking will be rewarded as the BEST COUNTRY among the participating country!
The shop which contributed most for their country to become the BEST will be receiving a prize package from DARTSLIVE!

For prize information and more campaign details, please check the campaign information below!

■Campaign Period
April 1st – 30th, 2014
*By the maintenance time for each country on May

■How to Join Campaign
-Players must be a registered DARTSLIVE CARD Member
*Unregistered DARTSLIVE CARD, which will be displayed as “no name ~~~~”, will not be calculated into the total country point.
HOME SHOP must be registered for your DARTSLIVE CARD
Play COUNT-UP and break your High Score!
-COUNT-UP score with a finger press will be treated as a cheat and will not be counted! Fair play is a global manner!

■Campaign Prize
The Top 10 players in the Monthly COUNT-UP Ranking of the each country will receive a Campaign THEME.
The shop which contributed most for the winning country will receive a Shop Prize package from DARTSLIVE!
-The Top 10 players from the shop which contributed most for the winning country
will receive another prize from DARTSLIVE!
-Also, the player who’ve ranked as the 100th of each countries’ Monthly COUNT-UP Ranking will have a chance to win a prize from DARTSLIVE!

■How to check your COUNT-UP High Score?
You can check your COUNT-UP High Score in the “Play Data” of your DARTSLIVE CARD PAGE. Don’t forget to register your DARTSLIVE CARD!

April CP highscore.png
*Click here to register your DARTSLIVE CARD!

■How do I check the National COUNT-UP Ranking?
You can check the COUNT-UP Top 100 Ranking at the Ranking page of our official website. The Ranking are updated online & realtime, so make sure you’re to check the ranking board when you hit a high score!
*Click here to see the current COUNT-UP Top 100 Ranking of your country!

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