Notice of Update Ver 3.1.0


We will update the DARTSLIVE Home App to Ver 3.1.0 on Monday, February 13.

■Added BIG BULL. (For Premium+ Plan Members Only).

“BIG BULL” the very popular party game on DARTSLIVE3 will now be playable on DARTSLIVE Home for Premium+ Plan members.
BIG BULL is a party game with simple rules. Players throw at targets near the center of the board, allowing anyone to experience the fun of hitting a BULL.
Beginners should aim for the inside of the TRIPLE, while advanced players should aim for the Inner BULL to further increase their score.

■ FINISH TRAINER now available to play on the Free Plan.

If the target score (the goal score), which is determined randomly, is reduced to exactly zero, the target score will be added to the score as it is. After finishing, you can try for the next target score. In addition, if you clear the target score with the least number of throws, you will receive “BEST FINISH” and double your score, so the key to a high score is to keep finishing with the fewest number of throws.

【DARTSLIVE House: Professional Darts Players try playing FINISH TRAINER!】
* Available in Japanese only.

■ Added support for LIVE EFFECT display. (For Premium+ Plan Members Only).

In addition to DARTSLIVE THEMES and AWARD MOVIES, LIVE EFFECTS can now be customized on the DARTSLIVE Home app if you are a Premium+ Plan Member.
Customize the game screen to your liking and enjoy darts at home as much as you would in a DARTSLIVE Location.
* Some LIVE EFFECTS are not available on DARTSLIVE Home.

■Added a function to switch the display of ROUND RESULT.


You can hide the ROUND RESULT on the left side of the screen by turning the display setting OFF during a game.
Please try this if you want to enjoy your DARTSLIVE THEME and LIVE EFFECT on a full screen.

We will continue to offer a wide range of services and contents on DARTSLIVE Home, so please stay tuned.


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