THE WORLD 2016 GRAND FINAL quick announcement


THE WORLD 2016 GRAND FINAL was held in Hong Kong on Sun Dec 4.
The winner is Boris Krcmar!

■GRAND CHAMPION:Boris Krcmar(Croatia)
■2nd:Park Hyunchul(Korea)
■3rd – 4th:Leonard Gates(USA)/ Sho Katsumi(Japan)

One of the highlights of GRAND FINAL was supposed to be a showdown between Paul Lim and Boris Krcmar who are No.1 and No. 2 of the 2016 ranking respectively. However unexpected happen. Lim lost his first match.
These 2 players earned the same points in this year, but Lim won more stages than Krcmar. Therefore, the top position went to Lim. So Lim was supposed to be one of the strongest contenders of GRAND FINAL but he disappeared in the first round unexpectedly.

Krcmar won one victory after another to the final and competed against Park Hyunchul who had been performing amazingly.

When asked to give messages to his fan just before the final, Krcmar commented “I made it to the final of GRAND FINAL! I will play my best!”

Park recorded impressive 8.25 as his STATS in Cricket in the 3rd leg but Krcmar defeated the Korean player with his stable performance.

The Croatian player became the “True No.1 of the World” at the end of this season.

THE WORLD 2017 will start in Las Vegas, USA from Sat May 13.
More information will come shortly.

>>Match results are here.

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