Winner announcement for CHRISTMAS COUNT UP Campaign♪


“CHRISTMAS COUNT UP Campaign” was held from Nov.27 to Dec.25 2015.

We are pleased to announce the winners who will receive the Darts set and the DARTSLIVE special cards from many participants.

TOP 3 players in COUNT UP (cumulative score)

darts set.png

1st:MONKEY 645408 pts
2nd:Mike Williams 391161 pts
3rd:Malo 155156 pts

Players at 12th, 25th and 125th in the cumulative score ranking


12th Jacob C. ✌ 47681 pts
25th Scott R 25735 pts
125th George 10748 pts

※Even if some players have exactly the same name, the winner is indicated with the prize mark on the card page.

xmas En.png

xmas En1.png

xmas en2.png

☆To winners
As the prize mark appears on your card page, please let us know the mailing info. from there. If you don’t contact us before Jan. 24 (Sun), the right to receive the gift will be void. The gift will be sent out in early Feb.

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