Starting today! Get DICE IT THEME!


SA and A Flight Challenge Campaign is wining popularity♪
Concluding game is DICE IT‚ a well-known game of TouchLive!

Special THEME will be awarded to all players who achieved SA or A flights in DICE IT!

■The 3rd period: Nov. 16 (Mon) to 23 (Mon)

Get it with SA flight♪

Get it with A flight♪

The game result in DICE IT is largely influenced by luck but there are another factors♪
The key is not to start with one pair but with the difficult ones such as Straight and 5DICES (4DICES)!
This will be the last opportunity to get the TouchLive THEME♪ Don’t miss it!

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*The campaign doesn’t include the games played during any system maintenance of either DARTSLIVE or TouchLive.
Please note that THEME may not be awarded properly even outside the maintenance period due to the network condition.
*THEMES to be awarded are the same with the ones of “Fruits Commander CHALLENGE”‚ “Twinkle Jewel CHALLENGE” and “DICE IT CHALLENGE”.
If you already have the THEME‚ you won’t receive the same one again.

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