DARTSLIVE HOLIDAY THEME SERIES!! Series 1 featuring Labor/Labour Day


Are you ready to spice up your holiday?

Now you can add more FUN onto your holiday darts game with the DARTSLIVE HOLIDAY THEME Series!!

DARTSLIVE HOLIDAY THEME Series 1 : Labor/Labour Day
■Campaign period : September 4th to September 14th

How to get Series 1 THEME:
Players need to complete each of the following party games: SURVIVOR, CASTLE BOMBER, and UNDER THE HAT during the campaign period on the same registered DARTSLIVE CARD. The THEME will then automatically sent to your DARTSLIVE CARD after the campaign ends.

DARTSLIVE HOLIDAY THEME Series will also offer different THEMEs for many of the major holidays celebrated in the U.S.A. and Canada. Make sure to get the them all and celebrate your Holiday Weekends with the joy of darts!!

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