Only 4 Days left for December's "USA OPEN 2014 Encore COUNT-UP"!!


Last Week of December’s “USA OPEN Encore COUNT-UP”!!

Only four days left till the limited USA OPEN Encore COUNT-UP is open! Have you played and found your photo on USA OPEN Encore COUNT-UP?
If not, hurry up because there’s ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT until 2014 ends!!

■Shop Ranking update as of Dec 26th
West End Pub (CO) is now leading all shops in USA with 242 game plays. Cafe Anasia (HI) kept their #2 spot with196 game playes for the 3rd consecutive week, but HAWAIIAN BRIAN’S (HI) is now getting close with 166 game plays. HAWAIIAN BRIAN’S recorded +61 game plays during last week.
i Darts Toronto (ON) maintained to be the top shop by leading all shops in Canada with 595 game plays. i Darts Edge (ON) has kept their #2 spot for the past 3 weeks, but now MIKE’S FAMILY BILLIARD (AB) is ranked as #2 with 300 game plays (+139 from last week).
The shop with the most number of game plays will be awarded with a gift set from DARTSLIVE. The more you play, the more chance your home shop winning the prize!!


*The ranking is calculated according to the total game play number of USA OPEN Encore COUNT-UP as of Dec 26th.

■Did you get the Campaign limited THEME???
Currently more than 900 players have won the 400 point THEME and 160 players have won the Hidden Number THEME in North America. Hints has been posted on websites and webpages related to USA OPEN 2014. Some players are already exchanging their information on SNS, so find out where the hints are posted!!
Here are some of the hints;
1) What is the favorite number in Las Vegas?
2) Which date was USA OPEN ’14 held?
3) How many players did join USA OPEN ’14?

USA OPEN 2014 Encore COUNT-UP USA_OPEN_2014_Encore_COUNTUP_Picture_Theme_02_sample (1).jpg

■Campaign Information
▼Campaign Period:
December 1st – December 31st, 2014

▼How to play USA OPEN 2014 Encore COUNT-UP
You can find the Encore COUNT-UP in the Simple Menu or from the “Practice” category in the Full Menu.
Make sure you have a registered DARTSLIVE CARD, and your personal DARTSLIVE CARD PAGE for checking the Campaign version THEME!

▼What can you win?
1) Campaign THEME
There are different THEME’s that you will have a chance to win during this campaign.
Each THEME will have a different condition for winning it, and the conditions will be updated during the month of December.
*Information will be updated on our official website & DARTSLIVE North America Facebook page.

Anyone has a chance of getting this THEME.
All you need to do is to score more than 400 points in USA OPEN 2014 Encore COUNT-UP!

Hidden Number THEME
We are revealing the image of the hidden THEME. If you hit a certain number in USA OPEN Encore COUNT-UP, the THEME will be yours.
There will be several numbers to get the THEME, so share your information with your friends when you get the Hidden Number THEME!
There are currently lucky players who’ve already won the Hidden THEME in North America!

▼Shop Ranking Prize
The shops with the most number of USA OPEN 2014 Encore COUNT-UP game plays will be rewarded with a gift set from DARTSLIVE. The gift set contains;

1) THE WORLD Tumbler
2) DARTSLIVE Fingertip Towel
3) DARTSLIVE Ring Necklace
4) THE WORLD L-Style Flight
5) Monster Flight
& More…..

*The Final Shop Ranking is scheduled to be announced on January 5th, 2015.

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