MEDLEY Powered Up! All settings can be done at once before your play♪

Your favorite MEDLEY will be more convenient from Nov.10 (Mon) with its powered up features!

【How to use】

【What will be available?】

(1) Option will be set before starting MEDLEY!
  → You will be able to select either DARTSLIVE2 or DARTSLIVE.
  → You will be able to select either MASTER or DOUBLE.
  → You will be able to select from Loser shoots first, Winner shoots first and Alternative order.
  → Even after the winner is decided, you will be able to continue playing to the end of the last LEG.

(2) AUTO HANDICAP will be set for the 2nd LEG on!
If you use 1LEG AUTO HANDICAP for the 1st LEG, it will be also applied for the 2nd LEG on.

(3) New format with a fixed 01 game on the final LEG will be available!
Format such as “501-STANDARD CRICKET-501” will be added.

Go to DARTSLIVE shop and play MEDLEY using the new features♪

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