Entry List Update for STAGE 4 Wisconsin!


AMERICA’S TOUR STAGE 4 Wisconsin Entry List Update!

Entry progress of STAGE 4 Wisconsin
We are pleased to announce the entry progress for STAGE 4 Wisconsin as of July 29th. 96 players have currently entered for STAGE 4 since the entry started. 32 spots are still available for STAGE 4. The entry is scheduled to be closed on July 30th or once the number of participants reaches 128 players.
STAGE 4 well be held at Badgers Bowl from August 1st to 3rd. Below are the schedule for the weekend.
The entry for STAGE 5 Hawaii is also available at the same time. The entry for STAGE 5 is scheduled to be closed on August 25.


Tournament Location
Badger Bowl

Tournament Dates
August 1: SHOOT OUT Round
August 2: AMERICA’S TOUR SGATE 4 Tournament Round
August 3: Operator’s In-House Tournament

Entry Fee
DARTSLIVE Premium Member: $75
DARTSLIVE Staneard Member: $100
Non-DARTSLIVE Member:125

Win limited AMERICA’S TOUR gift bag at each STAGE
At each STAGE of this year’s AMERICA’S TOUR, all players and audience who has a DARTSLIVE CARD can join a lucky draw to have a chance of winning a limited AMERICA’S TOUR gift bag. The gift bag contains:
1) AMERICA’S TOUR Cap autographed by STAGE 4’s Elite 8
2) AMERICA’S TOUR Travel Mug
3) AMERICA’S TOUR Rally Towel
4) AMERICA’S TOUR Button Badge
5) DARTSLIVE Sunglass
6) DARTSLIVE Drawstring Bag

AT prize.JPG

■Visit AMERICA’S TOUR and win the exlusive AMERICA’S TOUR THEME only available at each venue.
This year’s AMERICA’S TOUR is providing a State THEME for each of the State to host AMERICA’S TOUR. The State THEME can be acquiered by registering your Home Shop of your DARTSLIVE CARD or playing a game with your DARTSLIVE CARD at the venue.


CLICK HERE to go directly to the entry form for STAGE 4 Wisconsin!
CLICK HERE to go directly to the entry form for STAGE 5 Hawaii!
CLICK HERE to get updates and learn all about AMERICA’S TOUR!

For those who cannot come join us at STAGE 4 Wisconsin, come check out the STAGE 4 “Elite Pick” Voting Campaign on our Facebook Page! Vote for the player you think will become the Champion for STAGE 4 and win a AMERICA’S TOUR Exclusive Gift Set!

Come see the full detail and cast your vote in today at http://bit.ly/1mGBsEe!

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