Realtime tournament update to be available for AMERICA'S TOUR 2014


AMERICA’S TOUR STAGE 1 will be starting on 01:00 pm, April 19th. From this year, the tournament chart for each STAGE will be available to at the official page of AMERICA’S TOUR.
The result of each and every match will be updated realtime.

Tournament chart update.JPG

STAGE 1 will be held at Rob’s Billiards & Sports Bar from April 18th to the 20th.
Friday night (Apr. 18) will be the SHOOT OUT Round for seedings, Saturday will be AMERICA’S TOUR Tournament Round and Sunday will be Rountree Entertainment’s House Tournament.

Photos from the venue will also be updated at the Facebook page of AMERICA’S TOUR

→Visit the official website of AMERICA’S TOUR for more details

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