10 Days left for November's Rating Up Campaign!!!


There are about 10 days left to win your special theme in November’s Rating Up Campaign. Have you increased your rating +1.00?? If you keep it at +1.00 you will win a special prize THEME. Then you will be placed in a drawing for some really great DARTSLIVE prizes that can’t be won or purchased anywhere else.

***Make sure you’re a premium DARTSLIVE member***
Log in to your card page to check your rating and see how far away you are from winning. You must be an premium member to win so make sure your card is active.

You must be a DARTSLIVE member by the last day of this month to participate and win prizes! In order for games to count towards your rating, you must have your DARTSLIVE card in the board and play an 01 or cricket game against someone else. Double in & Split Bull functions will not count towards changing your rating.

***Do you know how to check your Rating??***
If you don’t know how to check your rating,please follow these images to check your rating and see your progress compared to last month:


① Log in to your DARTSLIVE Card Page and click the “Rating Icon”
② Click “Monthly” to see your monthly Rating transition
③ Check “Now” to see your current Rating


① Click “DARTSLIVE icon” to go to the Rating Up ranking page
② The screen shows your current ranking and also how far you have improved your Rating during the month.

Who will be our lucky prize winners this month?
Play DARTSLIVE and find out!

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