Result Announcement of AMERICA'S TOUR STAGE 4 Hawaii


AMERICA’S TOUR STAGE 4 Hawaii was held at Hawaiian Brian’s on November 16th.

Larry Butler (Ohio) and Benjamin Dersch (Wisconsin) advanced to the final match competing for the last match of this year’s AMERICA’S TOUR and also for the top of the Annual Point Ranking. Benjamin Dersch has become the winner of STAGE 4.

Larry Butler finished the tour leading the Annual Point Ranking with 42 points by winning STAGE 2, 3 and finishing as the runner-up of STAGE 4 which was rewarded with $5,000.

Below are the players who was the ELITE 8 of STAGE 4
◆ Winner:
Benjamin Dersch (Wisconsin, USA)
◆ Runner-Up:
Larry Butler (Ohio, USA)
◆ 3rd tie:
Ray Carver (Ohio, USA)
Scott Kirchner (Wisconsin, USA)

◆ 5th tie:
Gary Ramirez (Hawaii, USA)
Ronnell Bumanglag (Hawaii, USA)
Brad Porter (Indiana, USA)
Shaun Narain (Alberta, Canada)

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We’d like to thank Leisure Games for all the support for making this tournament become true and Hawaiian Brian’s for letting us have this tournament in a beautiful venue.

Information for next year’s AMERICA’S TOUR will be released on official webiste of this tour.

Lastly, thank you to all the players who have been a part of this year’s tour. Without your support, we couldn’t make this happen.
See you again next year!!!

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