DARTSLIVE USA OPEN 2013 Final Highlight Video


With us wrapping up the highlight videos with this final one, DARTSLIVE USA would like to again thank EVERYONE who made this event possible! The spectators, the sponsors, the families that came to support, and most of all, the dart players! Without all of you, this event wouldn’t be possible so from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Take a look at this highlight video to see some amazing people playing some outstanding darts. It was so great to see players of all skill levels come together to play and win on the big stage! That right there is what makes this all worth while.

Until next time North America….ONE CARD, ONE WORLD!

*The video and tournament results are also available at USA OPEN website

*Photos are also available on our DARTSLIVE North America Facebook page.

The remaining big event for this year’s DARTSLIVE USA will be the AMERICA’S TOUR STAGE 4 Hawaii. The entry is expected to be filled rapidly, so If you haven’t made your entry yet, make sure to secure your spot now!

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