This is some BULLS HIT!


It is time to brag! It is time to show off your state’s talent! It is time to show which state has hit the most BULLSEYES so far this month!
USA has hit over 730,000 BULLS among the 14,000,000~ total BULLS hit around the world

Here are the ranking of Total BULLS Hit by State & Average BULLS hit by state!

USA Bull Counter state rank_1008.png

New rankings will be posted weekly, so get down to your nearest DARTSLIVE location and hit some bulls and try help move your state up the list! Right now California is in the lead in total bulls hit with Washington and Hawaii following close behind. Is your state near the top of the list? If not, don’t let it happen! Go hit some bulls today for your state!

***Click here to learn more about the 10th Anniversary BULL COUNTER Campaign!***

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