Return of the evolved version of our popular game!

Caps Fever!

TouchLive’s "Pop’n Caps!" enjoys long-lasting popularity
The Caps! series has brought new height of entertainment to TouchLive!?

Caps Fever!

New game, "Caps Fever!" will be available on TouchLive this fall!
This game contains 16 nerve-racking stages!
Furthermore, players can get a DARTSLIVE THEME as a reward on the spot for 3 certain flights♪
Can you conquer all flights!?
We are looking forward to have fans of the Caps! series tryout this new game!!

☆Launch date of "Caps Fever!"
Will be released worldwide from Tuesday, September 17, 2013
(Japan Standard Time)

☆Reward THEMES!
Get this by clearing CC Flight!
Caps Fever!
Get this by clearing BB Flight!
Caps Fever!
Get this by clearing AA Flight!
Caps Fever!
The game is not available during the maintenance of DARTSLIVE or TouchLive.
Please note that THEMEs may not be awarded properly even during a non-maintenance period in the event of a network problem.

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