New games"HALF-IT" and "FINISH TRAINER" to be released on the DARTSLIVE Home app!

From Monday, 27 September, “HALF-IT” and “FINISH TRAINER” will be added as practice games on the DARTSLIVE Home app.

Two practice games for the DARTSLIVE Home app.


・ If you miss, your score is halved!

In this game, you have to hit the designated number to get a score, and if you can’t hit it even once, your score will be halved.


・ Ideal for practicing how to finish 01 Games!

If the target score (the goal score), which is determined randomly, is reduced to exactly zero, the target score will be added to the score as it is. After finishing, you can try for the next target score. In addition, if you clear the target score with the least number of throws, you will receive “BEST FINISH” and double your score, so the key to a high score is to keep finishing with the fewest number of throws.

・Wide range of optional settings

There is a wide range of optional settings such as OUT, BULL, DIFFICULTY LEVEL, and CHECKOUT.


We will continue to provide a variety of services and content for DARTSLIVE Home, so please stay tuned.

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