Customize the DARTSLIVE Home using THEMES & AWARD MOVIES with the Premium+ Plan

You can now enjoy DARTSLIVE even more with many new functions in the Premium+ Plan released today on Tuesday, August 2.
We recommend these Premium+ functions for users who play on the DARTSLIVE Home app.


“I want to enjoy playing DARTSLIVE Home with the DARTSLIVE THEMES and AWARD MOVIES that I have collected like the machines at DARTSLIVE LOCATIONS.”
Do you feel the same way? If so, we recommend the Premium+ Plan.

On the DARTSLIVE Home App, Premium+ Plan members can use the customize function to set theTHEMES and AWARD MOVIES.
The available THEMES and AWARD MOVIES can be selected from those on the card page of the same DARTSLIVE account.
*Some Digital Contents are not available to use on DARTSLIVE Home.

Premium+ is not only for DARTSLIVE Home, but also has a lot of other functions! Check it out!

>> List of Premium+ Plan Functions

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