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Back to Darts 2021 campaign begins!

BTD21 campaign is starting to welcome back players in venues from after this long break. Play COUNT UP on DARTSLIVE2 and get the Limited Edition THEME BTD 2021 by finishing the game with a score ending in “21”.

All players having obtained the BTD 2021 THEME will automatically be entered in Lucky Draw to win prizes!

■Campaign GAME
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■Campaign PERIOD
Mon Jul 19, 2021 – Sun Aug 15, 2021

■How to get the prizes
Finish a game of COUNT UP with a score ending in “21”

Limited Edition BTD2021 THEME

Lucky Draw winners: 3* DARTSLIVE Hoodie and Goodie Bags

*A DARTSLIVE CARD required to enter this campaign.
*Participation in campaign only available at shops in designated countries and regions.
*THEME cannot be acquired through DOUBLE matches (Two cards in the same slot) .
*In the case of a Game with several players, all players finishing the Game with a score ending with “21” will receive the THEME.
*Incomplete games will not be considered for this campaign..
*If a player is found to have engaged in a dishonest act such as finger pushing or in any immoral behavior, match counts and the right to redeem prizes will not be acknowledged by the organizer.
*Contents of this campaign are subject to change.



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