Three throws are counted as one round, and players compete for the highest score after completing a total of 8 rounds.


Aim for 500 points

At first, confirm your form as you throw so that you hit what you are aiming for.
Once you are able to throw darts the way you imagine, try aiming to score over 500 points.
In order to score over 500 points, you need to score about 63 points per round.
You can achieve this by hitting a bull, then scoring 13 points or more with the remaining 2 darts!
Try to get at least one bull in each round!

Key to winning

Basically you aim for the bull’s eye!
At first, it will be difficult to aim for the narrower triple.
Set your aim on the bull's eye which has larger area than the double or triple and you can score higher steadily.

Aim for the 19-7-16 area.
If it is difficult to aim for the bull, we recommend aiming for the area of 19-7-16.
Even if you miss a bull or triple, you can securely accumulate points and expect a high score.

Number of players

1 to 4 people (Doubles 2 to 8 people)

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