DARTSLIVE - born from the love of playing darts

In the early 2000s, darts scores were usually calculated by hand in analogue form. Smartphones were not yet available. The score sheet, which was placed on the bar table with the drinks, would become soggy with water droplets.

While playing darts the idea was born that it would be nice if the score could be calculated automatically. The founding members of DARTSLVE, who at the time worked at SEGA's development subsidiary, created a service that connected darts machines to a network and authenticated individuals using IC cards. They created a service that allowed you to manage your score on your mobile. This was to become DARTSLIVE.


The enjoyment of darts spreads by connecting online

Six months after the birth of DARTSLIVE, the average darts score across Japan improved. The machines were linked online and a national ranking system was introduced to motivate players. In the following years, DARTSLIVE continued to use this network to organize large scale darts events and spectator darts competitions.

Today, DARTSLIVE is the number one darts manufacturer in Japan and has grown to become the leading global brand of soft-tip darts, enjoyed in over 20 countries and regions around the world.


Playing high-quality darts at home

DARTSLIVE is also taking on the challenge of developing a dartboard for home use to allow more people to enjoy darts. The project was started in 2010.

The concept is "shop quality darts at home." We will create a dartboard for home use that is carefully selected for its size, the games that can be played, as well as the comfort and quietness of the board.


Over 130,000 DARTSLIVE-200S (Total series sales) units sold

To date, we have sold more than 130,000 dartboards for home use*. Of these, the DARTSLIVE-200S has become a top-selling item, played by many people.
In 2020, we released a new app that allows people to play online with a home dartboard. We are continuing to create new ways of communication, such as connecting people from all over the world from their home to play darts, and to be happy or sad about their victories and defeats.

*As of October 2021

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