Tournament rules

Match Card

Upon completion of matches, the match card has to be handed to the control desk.


Game format: Round robin and Single elimination.
THE WORLD mode (5LEG) is adopted.
Registered doubles pair will complete all LEGs.

  1. 1.Round limits for both 01 games and Cricket are 15 Rounds.
  2. 2.Throwing order of the game
    1. Throwing order will be decided by corking.
    2. The coin toss function of DARTSLIVE2 will be used for deciding who throws the cork first.
    3. The player who throws closer to the center can decide the throwing order.
    4. If the first player's dart hits the exact center of the BULL, the second player is required to acknowledge that the first player's dart is in the center bit of the BULL, and remove the dart and then throw for the cork.
    5. If the throwing order isn't decided by the first round of cork, reverse the throwing order of the cork and throws the cork again.
      ※In this case, throw the second dart without removing the first darts.
    6. In the 1st leg, the throwing order will be decided by the winner of the cork.
    7. In the 2nd to 4th leg, alternative start will be applied.
    8. In the 5th leg (CHOICE), players throw for the cork again and the winner of the cork can choose either to "throw first" or "select a game".

Incorrect Scoring by Dart Machine (Display of incorrect score)

  1. 1.If a target segment which is different from the one where the dart is actually in responds, "Reverse-A-Round" shall be used to reverse the game to the appropriate round and the score shall be revised by manually pressing the correct target segment. If a dart thrown bounces off the dartboard, a response of the dart machine will be adopted as the correct score. If the dart machine doesn't respond in the same situation, then the dart thrown does not count and shall not be re-thrown.
  2. 2.A revision of incorrect scoring is not permitted, once the dart thrown was removed and opponent throws a dart after the player-change.
  3. 3.A revision of incorrect scoring must be made upon mutual consent of both players while the darts thrown remain in the dartboard and before the player-change takes place.
  4. 4.As a general rule, it is not permitted to revise the score once the darts are removed from the dartboard. However, this rule doesn't apply if one of the players requests to revise the score and the other player deliberately removes the darts from the board after said request is made.
  5. ※The rules above comply with WSDA official rules.

Dress code

  • All players are required to compete in appropriate attire.
  • Team shirts are recommended.
  • All players must present a clean and neat appearance.
  • All shirts must have sleeves.
  • No cut-offs or ragged edge hems on any shorts.
  • Shoes must be worn in the tournament room at all times.
  • No unauthorized use of shirts similar in style to the staff shirts will be allowed on the tournament floor.
Penalty for not obeying the Dress Code
Any player not in proper attire will have the right to one 15-minute grace period to make the necessary change. Thereafter there will be NO grace period and the player will be disqualified from the match.

※In the event that any unexpected incidents not mentioned in the above rules occur, the organizer will decide to use its sole discretion to determine the outcome.